Electric Oven Repair

Electric Oven Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

When the oven fails to bake, broil or doesn’t heat up at all, there are several simple things to check before calling the oven repair man.  The service manual will offer suggestions in the troubleshooting guide.  The local oven repair man advises consumers to only call a qualified service technician for difficult problems

Here are some of the common problems the oven repair man addresses:

No heat baking

Wire lose to bake element

Bake element burned out

Bad function selector switch

Incorrect timer setting

No heat broiling

Loose wire to broiler element

Broiler element burned out

Bad function selector switch

Incorrect timer setting

More causes of failure to heat

Open oven sensor


Thermal cutout switch open

Bad voltage at oven electrical receptacle

Self-clean not working

Self clean latch damaged or defective

Bad function selector switch

Poor Temperature control

Oven sensor


Oven relay

Defective ERC

The local oven repair man can help with problems like poor heating and inconsistent temperature control, broken clock or timer and most any problem with gas or electric stoves.  Read Oven MaintenanceTips to learn more.

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