Freezer Repair and Maintenance Tips

Considering the essential function of the freezer keeping it operating at peak performance is important.  Here are some freezer maintenance tips from the local freezer repair man that will help ensure performance and efficiency:

1. Keep it full: When food is low, fill empty space with jugs of water

2. Allow food to cool before storing the freezer: Placing hot food in the freezer will make the freezer work harder.  Allow food to cool down in the refrigerator first.

3. Access food quickly:  Keeping the freezer door open too long will cause the temperature to increase, making it work harder to maintain temperature.

4. Keep it at zero degrees:  Make sure the thermostat is kept regulated.  Put a thermometer in the freezer and check it often to be sure the temperature does not go above zero degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Place freezer away from heat sources:  For more efficient operation, the freezer should not be placed near the oven, dishwasher or heat vents.  Allow adequate air circulation behind the freezer.

6. Keep the coils clean:  Dirty coils affect performance and efficiency so they should be vacuumed or brushed periodically to remove dust or dirt buildup.

7. Clean door seals often:  The door seal prevents air form leaking in and out.  Dust and debris can make the seal less efficient.  Keep it clean and replace if it becomes old, worn or damaged. 

8. Defrost regularly:  Freezers without self-defrost functions will need to be deiced periodically to ensure proper function

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